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Blu Reverie about us with Carlos and Sophie


Hi there! We are Carlos & Sophie, proud owners of BluReverie.

Carlos, our captain, is fully accredited by the US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner with credentials Master 100 Ton, Assistance Towing and Auxiliary Sail. Although BluReverie is brand new, Carlos has decades of sailing experience in his previous boats. Both of us are CPR trained and certified.

Hosting you on our catamaran is our passion. We do it for the love of sharing this experience with others. We can't wait to share our next one with you.


Here's why our 2-night weekend itinerary is truly unique:

We are passionate to make it accessible for more people to experience overnight stays on a catamaran, and let more people experience the beauty of San Francisco Bay from a whole new lens.

The only places where you'll typically find multi-day yacht charters are in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. The charters are typically week-long, bare-boat, and costs between $20-25K.

We wanted to create a shorter and much more affordable option that would be accessible for more people, to share the wonders of sailing, and provide education to our guests.

unique offering
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