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Why our 3 Day Cruise in San Francisco is one of its kind

There are many reasons why our 3-day, 2-night sailing adventure in San Francisco is truly one of its kind. In this post, we'll discuss the main reasons why we decided to offer this experience and why we designed it this way.

1. Comparison to a typical multi-day yacht charter

If you are looking for a yacht charter where you can have a multi-day and overnight experience, chances are your options are limited to the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Those charters require that you book the entire yacht for typically at least a week long, costing you $15K+. Bare in mind that that is the "bare boat" price, i.e. no captain, no crew, no food, no service of any kind; if you don't know how to sail, you will need to pay more money and hire a captain.

For most people, these requirements are prohibitive. That means most people will never get to experience staying overnight on a yacht. We want to change that and make this experience more accessible, and that's why we designed our itinerary to be shorter (weekend instead of week-long), local (right here in San Francisco Bay), all inclusive (you do not need to know how to sail or drive a boat), and allowing each guest to book just 1 cabin.

Typical yacht charter



Caribbean or Mediterranean

San Francisco


Bare boat

All inclusive

Length of booking

Minimum week-long

2-night weekend

Group size

Must book the whole boat

Allow guests to book just 1 cabin




2. Comparison to a typical cruise line

A little bit of googling will reveal that there is, in fact, no 2- or 3-day cruise options leaving from San Francisco by any of the cruise companies like Carnival or Royal Caribbean.

The reason is that there is a federal law that requires internationally registered cruise ships that leave from a US port to stop in a foreign port before returning to the US. That means if a cruise ship were to pick up passengers from San Francisco, it must make a stop in a foreign port before it may return to San Francisco.

This law only applies to internationally registered ships. So why are cruise ships registered internationally, you might ask? Cruise ships are registered internationally to avoid paying federal taxes or abide by US payroll requirements like minimum wage or overtime. In a cruise ship, a typical helper staff may earn $600 per month or $3.46 per hour. This is also one of the main reasons why cruises are able to offer prices as low as it is. (Don't get me wrong, we have taken and enjoyed cruises and they certainly have a place in our lives! It is just not directly comparable to BluReverie.)

In the case of San Francisco, there are no foreign ports close enough to complete a round trip within 2-3 days. The closest ports in Mexico or Canada will require at least 7 days.

BluReverie is a US registered and flagged vessel which fully abides by US coast guard regulations, federal and state laws and pays federal and California taxes.


For these reasons, we are proud to offer our unique 3-day and 2-night all-inclusive itinerary in San Francisco. We have loved the life onboard BluReverie and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you. We are delighted and honored by the feedback we have received by our guests and strive to continue to deliver a magical experience!

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