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Eat Me Planter: a unique dessert at BluReverie

At BluReverie our goal is to make our overnight cruise a memorable and unique experience. No doubt that sailing and spending the night on a luxury catamaran is in itself a very unique experience, but we wanted to do more. As part of the cruise we try to bring you a new and unique culinary experience. We have carefully curated the food and drinks that we have loved over the years to share with our guests. Many selections are inspired from our travels in the Caribbean and Asia, and we hope it brings you as much joy as it did for us. Before you reach BluReverie, the crew has already been hard at work planning and obtaining the ingredients that we'll put together to make your meals on our yacht. In addition to the meals that you'll have on board, we also make our own baked goods, breads, and ice cream right here at BluReverie Catamaran.

The Eat Me Planter is our latest dessert at BluReverie. The name was inspired by Alice In Wonderland "Eat Me Cake", a cake she eats during her dinner party. The name seemed suitable as it may not be obvious for our guests that the whole planter is eatable! As an homage to Alice in Wonderland, we named this desert Eat Me Planter.

Eat Me Planter starts with the base ice-cream from milk and vanilla beans from Madagascar. The next step can vary and may include cake pieces, dark chocolate chunks or oven-roasted nuts. Each Eat Me Planter is handmade so the decisions are often made based on inspiration! The planter is molded from dark chocolate. The "dirt" is a combination of Oreo cookies and dark chocolate chunks. Our plant is a mint leaf to finish off the ice cream! If you have a special combination that you would like us to follow e.g. coffee ice cream, let us know. We'll do our best to deliver.


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