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Overnight Sailing Adventure in San Francisco!

Welcome to BluReverie Catamaran! As our first post, we'll cover our motivation for launching and sharing this adventure. As any story, this story started many years ago as a growth progression from smaller sail boats blending into larger adventures. In 2019, we decided to upgrade to a larger boat, specifically a catamaran. We finalized our selection to a Bali 4.8: a 48-foot sailing catamaran capable of open ocean voyages. A BluReverie provides a very safe and stable platform while able to accommodate 12 adults overnight very comfortably.

Well as we know in 2020 COVID happened and the world changed. Manufacturing stopped and our boat was delayed. Finally, in January 2021, after almost 2 months of sitting inside a container, BluReverie arrived in San Diego, CA all the way from its factory in France. Without a doubt it was everything we hoped and more.

After we picked up BluReverie in San Diego, we set sail to Mexico, then back up the coast to Catalina Island, Morro Bay, Monterey Bay, Half Moon Bay, and finally making our way back to San Francisco in June 2021, settling in BluReverie's new home at the Port of Redwood City.

Throughout this experience, what became clear to us was our desire to share the experience with others. Spending overnight on a catamaran in your very own cabin is something that few get to experience. We wanted to make that more accessible. We wanted to create an experience more impactful than a dinner cruise or a sunset sail. We wanted to create an all-inclusive vacation that felt luxurious right here in the San Francisco Bay area where guests could come aboard to relax for a weekend getaway. A place where you can leave your stress and worries behind for a few days. This is the motivation behind BluReverie's Magical Sailing Adventure, a 3 day and 2 night all-inclusive stay aboard our catamaran as we sail in the San Francisco Bay.

Are you ready to be whisked away? We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

#BluReverie Sailing Adventure is an experience that can be shared with friends and family to create a memorable experience.


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