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Will I get seasick?

Let's get right to the elephant in the room - sea sickness. Sea sickness would be my first question too as is something that I have suffered all my life. I recall as a child participating in a fishing trip and 5 minutes into at the first wave, the experience instantly turned into a very uncomfortable situation. For those of you who do get sea sick, I can relate.

Our goal at BluReverie is to provide a condensed all inclusive weekend escape right here in the bay area that is also suitable for families. The experience is designed to be enjoyable and relaxing. Thus the route and departure time are explicitly chosen to make sure the sail is comfortable.

The San Francisco Bay is very well protected from wind and waves, a drastic contrast to sailing in the open ocean. In addition, a catamaran is a very stable vessel. If a catamaran encounters a wave, it will ride the wave and that'll be that. Sailboat have a very heavy keel that will make them bob back and forth like a pendulum to release the energy from the wave. This pendulum effects creates additional movement on the boat.

To create a consistent and predictable experience that is suitable for families with children, we limit our guest sail to the well protected bay area and do not take guests ocean side. Making the trip safe and comfortable is our priority.

As to "will I get seasick?" everyone is unique and you would be the best person to know your sensitivity. If you are ok with a car ride on the highway, you should be fine aboard BluReverie Catamaran.

Just for the record, we never had a guest feel seasick in any of our sails in the San Francisco Bay.


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