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Itinerary for Magical Sailing Adventure a 3 Day Cruise in San Francisco

"Welcome Aboard!"  That's my #magical phrase to start you off into your #sailing #vacation.

"Welcome Aboard!" That's our magical phrase to start you off into your sailing vacation aboard BluReverie.

Guests embark Friday between 8 and 9 PM at the Port of Redwood City. This port is an ideal location providing ample free parking with 24 hour roaming security. Once you arrive, we will show you to your cabins where you can place your belongings.

At 9 PM we will start our Safety Briefing and Overview of Operations. While we will repeat this at least 3 times during our briefing I will reiterate that safety is our most important priority. During the briefing we will go over the boat systems and operations so that everyone has a clear understanding of what to expect. After the safety briefing everyone is free to move around and retire to their cabins when they wish.

Of course we will have coffee, tea, milk and warm goodies to share during the safety briefing.

Friday night we will stay at the dock. This will allow guests who are not able to arrive Friday to embark Saturday morning. Note that if you arrive Saturday, you will need to come in very early and receive the Safety Briefing before we depart. The exact time will be determined on a case by case basis.

Saturday morning we will depart and set sail to Angel Island. The departure time will depend on many factors such as season, weather, and tide. Your comfort is very important for us and we will adjust the time accordingly for an optimum journey. Generally we will depart around 6 or 7 in the morning. You are welcome to sleep in and relax but certainly feel free to wake up early and watch the process. We will have coffee, tea, and light breakfast items available for the early risers. Keep in mind that you will have a chance to see the docking process again in our return on Sunday.

At around 9 AM, a full breakfast will be served enroute. We will arrive at our destination around noon. Upon arrival, we will dock and guests will disembark with a picnic lunch. You'll spend the afternoon at the island where you can go hiking, rent bikes, take a tram tour or enjoy the sandy beach. We will move the boat to the mooring position and get things ready for dinner and the rest of the evening.

At 5 PM we will pick you up at the dock with our dinghy and bring you back to BluReverie where we will have refreshments ready and give you a chance to take a warm shower and change if you like. Dinner will be served around 6 PM. After dinner, guests may spend their time sitting outside on the deck stargazing, playing cards, board games or simply relaxing.

Sunday morning we will have a light breakfast at 8 AM and begin to head out at 9 AM. You'll get to see San Francisco skyline one more time. While enroute, brunch will be served around 11 AM followed by a hands-on learning tour where guests can participate for an insider look of the inner workings of BluReverie. Finally we'll end our sail with our unique dessert which we fondly call "Eat-Me Planter" inspired by Alice in Wonderland. We will arrive back to the Port of Redwood City around 1 - 2 PM.


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