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No Passport Needed For Our Sailing Adventure!

Do I need a Passport for the BluReverie cruise?

No - you will not need a passport to experience our 3 Day/2 Night Magical Sailing Adventure.

This is a sometimes a misconceptions carried over from a typical cruise ship destination such as San Francisco to Alaska or San Francisco to Hawaii which does require a passport or proof of citizenship. Which may seem unusual given that starting and ending points are both within the United States. This is due to federal regulations for cruise ships which are internationally flagged and must stop at least once in an international port. So for example, heading from San Francisco to Hawaii a cruise ship would need to stop in at least on international port typically Ensenada, Mexico to meet the federal mandate for internationally flag ships.

BluReverie Catamaran is a US flagged and Coast Guard Registered ship which means that we abide by the regulations and streneus safety standards of the US. One of the conveniences of BluReverie Catamaran is that you can just simply come on board without having to carry your valuable documents. We want BluReverie to be a stress free environment and we hope that this is one less thing to worry about if you chose to bring your whole family with you in this amazing adventure!

We will require state issued identification from at least one lead person who is booking and coming on board, and we will follow state and local COVID mandates for required proof of vaccination, etc.


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